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Thursday, August 9, 2012


OK! the 1st recipe in this category is something my boys absolutely love! It goes with just about any dish, changes up the normal cornbread recipes you may use. ERR...tweeked yellow corn muffin bread per say. Scott, our 13 year old, doesnt like ANYONES buttermilk cornbread, but loved this recipe. He begs me for it each and ever meal! Its moist, has a unique sweetness but not too sweet, and VERY MOIST! This is a must try item on your dinner list!



3 boxes Yellow Corn muffin mix (I prefer Jiffy) 
6-7 Green scallion onions, chopped (head and green scallion)
16 oz container sour cream
8 oz Ricotta Cheese (whole or 2% is fine, this is for moistness)
2 cups of 2% or Whole milk (add extra if too dry and thick)
6 tbs butter


Preheat oven to 375 degrees (remember to reduce temp by 25 degrees if using a dark pan). In large mixing bowl, combine muffin mix, sour cream,and ricotta cheese without mixing yet. In large skillet melt butter. Once butter has melted, saute' chopped onions over medium high heat, until tender (about 5-6 minutes). Butter will have a green tint to it, this is ok! you wont be able to tell the difference once mixed together. When done, add onion and butter to large bowl. Mix ingredients in bowl until mixed well. Gradually add milk (until its consistency of cheese dip) Pour mixture into a non-stick sprayed 9x13 pan (i use glass, it cooks more evenly). Cook for 30-45 minutes or until done (when you run a knife through it and it comes out clean).    Let cool for 10 min before serving. <<< This step is important. This gives the perfect texture!

NOTE: this recipe is NOT recommended for freezing due to there being cheese and sour cream in mixture even though it is cooked.

I am a mother as well as a blogger. I share my ideas and experience in ways I have helped my family make it through trying, and difficult financial times, and feel it is important to share these things with you.  I am a very proud mother, and LOVE showing off my blessings from GOD. They are just that...Blessings.  I only have pictures of my children on here to share my everyday joys, they are free advertising (just a joke, but they do show our stuff off!), jokesters, and allow me to experiment on their hair, clothes, nails, and all other H&B needs we play around with. So please, dont be perveted in any way, exploit my children, or steal any pictures of my childrenfrom my blog. It is illegal, and there is always a paper trail....I will hunt you down, AND PRAY FOR YOU!!!! Because that is what GOD would want me to do, Ill let him handle you afterwards!

With that being said.........

All items on this page are all handmade by myself unless otherwise noted. Sometimes, there will be certain requests asked for certain items, that i cannot handmake, therefore, i will note this for your information.

There are alot of things I come up with within my own creativity, but there is always someone else out there that is a little more creative than I. If there is something i just CANNOT resist sharing because its JUST THAT GOOD, i will give them credit where credit is due (and legally due).

I share my experience, and pass on what I have had to learn from myself. From time to time, i will pick up helpful hints from people I come across in stores, online, and family/friends. I will give credit where credit is due! (even if i dont know their names ;] )

All the recipes I share with you guys are either my recipes, other recipes i have tweeked, or recipes i have found that are simply so good, it should be against the law NOT to share! As before, i will give credit where credit is due!
If you have any questions, comments, would like to place a special order, or to give suggestions, please email me at .
When I get to this section, ill explain to you guys how I save money with groceries, everyday household items, by price matching, bundling, and of course COUPONS!!! I'm excited to share this information with you guys, as bad as the economy has gotten, this kind of information is a must-know if you're gonna provide for your family these days. Just hang tight while i get some of the other stuff written, and ill share all I know! Thanks!
Ill be showing you how to make everyday items, crafts, and things to do with your kids.
Ill be adding my items for sale in a few days. Please check back for lots of cutie pa-tootie outfits and items for your little ones!!!!